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Tips for getting approved in the Dmoz Directory

Dmoz Directory Editors' have come up with a summary of what can help you get your website approved and listed quickly within the web directory. Please use the below information as a guideline and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Information required to submit to Dmoz Directory:

When submitting a link to our web directory you will need to provide the following information about your website:

• Title


• Description

• Category

• Keywords that describe your websites content

• Your Name

• Valid email address (So editors can contact you for corrections)

One thing we recommend that you do before submitting your website is to prepare this information in advance and to consider your description and what keywords you're going to include with your website submission.

For better results try and use keyword-phrases that describe your website into the Title text and Description text you submit, especially into the Title text (this is known as anchor text and will give you added optimization for the search engines).

When we ask you to provide keywords that best describes your website our web directory then caches these keyword-phrases and includes them in our search function. Then when a user performs a search within the web directory your website will be one of the included in the results. So for example if you submit the keyword 'website tutorials,' you have a better of chance of being listed in the web directory search results when a user searches within the web directory using those keyword 'web tutorial'.

It's the same algorithm the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) use for their indexed pages.

Tips when submitting to our web directory

1. Be sure to submit your link to the most appropriate web directory category.

This point is the most important on getting a speedy approval and can't be stressed enough, as its only common sense and not only makes the directory editor's job a little easier therefore speeding up your submission and approval for inclusion.

2. Patients is a virtue.

One point to remember about any directory that provides a free listing, is be patient. If you are not paying to be in the web directory then your website listing has a lower priority than paid listings. It can take several days to get approved and we understand it can be frustrating. The best thing to do when you submit is to wait up to 2 weeks, if you haven't heard from a Dmoz Directory Editor by this time period then use our contact form and request an evaluation.

3. Keep a log of when you submitted your website.

One of the most useful things to do upon submitting to our web directory is to write the name of the category you choose and the date of submission into a log of some sort (notepad is perfect for this). This prevents you from submitting your website again and gives you a time frame as to when you submitted and what category you selected. It is very possible that your website was already approved but your email spam filter deleted the approval and welcome email sent. When your website gets listed in our web directory it's always best to ask your friends to rate it or leave a review on your website. This will help your website listings and generate more exposure for your website!

Our Linking Policy

Dmoz Directory editors' will "NOT," approve any website or blog that contains the following:

1. Pornography or explicit adult themes.

2. Political propaganda.

3. Racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminatory content.

4. Illegal material including, but not limited to, applicable copyright laws - illegal Mp3s, Warez, Serials etc.

5. Viruses, Spyware or adware

6. Slanderous or defamatory content.

This is not an exhaustive list of conditions. Our editors' reserve the exclusive right to determine which website it will include in our web directory. However, editors will only reject or delete a website listing where the content of the subject website is deemed, in the opinion of a Dmoz Directory editors' to be offensive, or generally in bad taste.

Dmoz Directory Editors' will also not approve websites that are:

1. Websites that are under construction.

2. Websites that have poor navigation or broken links.

3. Contain a large number of advertisements.

4. Use pop-ups, pop-under or any other obtrusive advertising.

5. Are simply links or link farms.

If your website was rejected and you want to know the reason for the rejection and how to rectify the problem click the following rejection summary file.

Inclusion Summary

Submitting your link to Dmoz Directory Web Directory is an excellent way to build your websites link popularity and improve search engine rankings. There are many directories out there, ranging from the general to the specific categories, or they use some sort of linking scheme or JavaScript for URLS. This is un-necessary and a tricky method of only looking out for them. Dmoz Directory Web Directory uses no schemes, no redirects, no CGI or JavaScript, we only use honest methods and insure our web directory always stays SEO Friendly.

So to get your website listed be sure to accurately describe your website, select the most appropriate category and keywords when submitting to the web directory and you're sure to receive success on being approved.

Submitting to our web directory requires little effort and patience. Your search engine rankings will thank you for the extra effort.

Dmoz Directory Team!

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