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I added the link to but l get an error message?
If you have added the link to yet you get the following error

A link to could not be found at the specified URL!

It's because of the following reasons.

1.) You have the following tag in your header section <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW" />, which you will need to remove in order to allow our spider-bot to check for the reciprocal link and complete the submission process.

2.) Your blog is using the nofollow tag in the link source code which our spider-bot can not validate the reciprocal linkback. You will have to remove the tag rel='nofollow' so we may validate the link!

Important Blogspot / Blogger Users!

3.) If you are using Blogger / Blogspot you may not be aware that you are using the <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW" />, as there is an error with Blogger / Blogspot templates. To correct this error and remove the mentioned tag you will need to edit your template file and remove the following piece of code <$BlogMetaData$>
Posted by Dmoz Directory Support
Why was my blog rejected by one of the blog editors?
If your website was rejected by Dmoz Directory Staff it's due to one of the following reasons.

1.) Inappropriate content.
2.) Must be in English.
3.) Contained adult material.
4.) The reciprocal linkback was in an inappropriate spot.
5.) NO reciprocal linkback was found.

Example: It must not be placed in a post; it must be in a permanent spot located in your sidebar or footer!

Review the Terms of Service.
Posted by Dmoz Directory Support
I don't see a Dmoz category that fits my website content?
If you can't find a relevant Dmoz category for your website, please use the suggest category form.
Posted by Dmoz Directory Staff
Help I can't submit my website?
If you are experiencing trouble with the submission form, we suggest you try the following:

1) Verify that you have filled in all the required fields in the submission form.
2) Users that chose a "Free regular submission", make sure you have added the reciprocal linkback on your website.
3) Verify your "web host" or "server" isn't experiencing intermediate connectivity problems or is down.
4) Clear your cookies and history files and then restart your browser to start a new session.
5) Try with a different browser, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera or Netscape etc.
6) Restart your computer, as resources may be low or your using an expired IP or proxy connection.
7) If you are still unable to submit your website, contact support and an editor will respond as time permits.
Posted by Dmoz Directory Support
How do I sponsor a Dmoz category?
To sponsor a specific Dmoz category click here, and choose a category you wish to sponsor.

1) Once you have chosen a Dmoz category, click the "Sponsor This Category link".
2) Fill out the form and place your order

All sponsors are validated before approval. Approval may take up to 12 to 24 hours. If you have not received notification within 48 hours, contact support.
Posted by Dmoz Directory Support
Why was my website removed?
If you selected "Free Submission" and then removed the mandatory reciprocal link from your website it will then be removed.

If this was an error or you where editing your template and accidentally removed the reciprocal link, simply re-submit your website for inclusion.
Posted by Dmoz Directory Support

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