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Smart earning tips is about Google Adsense Guide, Web Hosting Guidance, SEO Tips, Wordpress Guide, Wordpress Hosting, Affiliate Marketing Guide and How to make money online.

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Earn Money by Playing Gams with 14 Best Money Earning Games

Do you know that Tetris was the first ever mobile game that was launched in 1994? It was a huge success, and everyone started loving mobile games ever since. As time passed, more mobile...

Do you know that Tetris was the first ever mobile game that was launched in 1994? It was a huge success, and everyone started loving mobile games ever since. As time passed, more mobile games developed and got better.

Mobile games underwent several changes over time. From pixelated games to games that are over 1GB, mobile games have become a staple nowadays.

Mobile games are a great source of thrill and enjoyment, undoubtedly. But did you know that you can earn money by playing games at the same time? Yes, you heard it right. This article will tell you about 14 best and legit money earning games.

4 Amazing Benefits of Playing Games

Playing games daily is beneficial for you in several ways. It is no doubt that games are addictive, but they also make you happy. Games are known to enhance your brain activity and boost up your problem-solving.

While playing games, your brain produces serotonin (the happiness hormone) and it keeps you entertained.

Let us discuss some of the benefits of playing games.

1. Entertainment

This is an obvious thing. Playing games is a way to spend quality time and get some entertainment. It serves as a nice getaway from the mundane and boring life that everyone is living right now.

2. Improves Brain Focus

Playing mobile games is like a brain exercise. Those who play games for at least 30 minutes daily are more likely to have better brain processing and focus than those who don’t. This increase in brain focus helps them in one way or another.

3. Induces Thrill

Playing games also induces thrill. This is mostly in the case of racing games. When you play a game, have you ever noticed you increased pulse?

Well, this is due to a surge in Adrenaline hormone. Adrenaline is called the ‘fight and flight’ hormone and is responsible for inducing thrill and amusement.

4. Improves Problem-solving

Playing games makes your brain creative and more flexible. It also accentuates brain function, thereby improving problem-solving.

14 Best Money Earning Games:

In the Playstore or the App Store, you can find lots of games that boast of paying cash when you install and play them.

But, to be honest, not all of them meet the expectations. A lot of these games are just money heists and play a truckload of ads.

But don’t worry, this list has fourteen legit games that you can play all-day and anytime you want to earn some cash.

Find these games and play them to utilize your time. Compare all of them and install them to try them out.

Please note that all of these apps (except Dream11) are available in the Play Store. The various attributes of these apps are taken from Google Play Store. You can download them from the App Store as well.

1. Dream11

Rating: unavailable

Downloads: 90M+

Type of game: fantasy gaming

If you are a cricket fan or even if you aren’t, you must have heard this name. Dream 11 is a fantasy game by Dream Sports.

It is India’s largest platform in the fantasy gaming niche. In August 2020, Dream sports got the sponsorship deal for IPL at a whopping Rs.222 crore.

The Dream11 app is not available in the Play store. You have to download it from the official Dream11 website.

After you install the app, you can start playing a fantasy league. You can choose your team, assign the captain/vice-captain, and participate in different leagues. It is all up to you.

You can make 5 teams for each game. The amount you win depends upon how your players perform.

You have to give an entry fee to participate in the game. This is how you can make as much as Rs. 35 Lacs per day if you are lucky enough.

2. Rummy circle

Rating- 4.1/5

Size: 32MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Type of game: rummy

Rummy Circle is also a popular rummy platform. It is one of the top-grossing apps for rummy and here you can earn money by playing games on android. It is a suitable app for android users.

The best thing about this app is you get free chips every hour. You can play the game in a pair or in a group of 5 people.

As you know, rummy is all about luck- sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

But it is indeed a great way to earn some instant cash.

3. 8Ball Pool

Rating- 4.4/5

Size: 57MB

Total downloads: 500M+

Type of game: billiards

8Ball Pool is an online money earning game. This game has huge fans all around the world as you can earn money playing games online. This is the reason why it has high ratings and is the Editors’ Choice. 

Simply download the app and sign-up to play billiards. You can play the game in several ways. You can play with a team or play by yourself.

It is the top pool game in the world. Here, you can make money too. You just have to pay an entry fee. Every time you win, you can win cash too.

The entry fee is as low as Rs. 5 only.

4. Qureka

Rating- 4.1/5

Size: 13MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Type of game: quiz trivia

Qureka is a quiz game app. Here, you can be really productive and earn money by playing games parallelly. Qureka app has got lots of quizzes and weekly/daily competitions. Here, you can show-off your general knowledge and get money in return.

You can also participate in the weekly mega quizzes and earn as much as Rs. 25000.

Qureka hosts three types of quizzes- play live shows, play hourly quizzes, and play cricket quizzes.

You can also use this app to prepare for competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, Bank, etc.

With this app, you can hit two targets with the same arrow.

5. Ace2three

Rating- 3.6/5

Size: 17MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Type of game: card game

Ace2three is one of the leading Indian apps where people play rummy and win a huge amount of money.

Ace2three is the best app for rummy players. All you need is a little intelligence and a lot more luck.

You can play in a pair or a group of six people. In the beginning, you get 5000 free chips. You can use them and earn money by playing games without investment.

As you continue to play it, you can win exciting rewards and redeem them as cash or buy more chips and earn money by playing games and trying your luck again.

6. Roz Dhan

Rating- 4.1/5

Size: 13MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Type of game: a combination of different games

This is the only gaming app on this list where you will earn money by playing games and just after you install the app. When you install it, you will get Rs, 50 straight into your wallet.

It will also reward you for checking in the app every day.

In Roz Dhan, you have a choice to earn money by playing games, completing different tasks, reading horoscopes, reading news, and visiting sites. Overall, it is a combination app that pays you when you complete various tasks.

You can get the money via Paytm.

You can also invite your friends to win some extra money.

7. Bubble Burst

Rating: 4.1/5

Size: 77MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Type of game: puzzle/ offline game

This is the only offline money making game on this list. It is a kind of puzzle game where you deal with bubbles. It is a free app that pays you as you grow and win the games. You can cash out your money via PayPal.

You can also make money by participating in competitions, sweepstakes (a type of gambling), giveaways, etc.

8. Brain Battle

Rating: 4.3/5

Size: 55MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Type of game: challenge game

Brain Battle is an educational app that makes you money too. You can also play this game offline. It is a single-player game, so you don’t have to wait for other players to be online.

You can win the challenges and use your earnings to participate in lucky draws. If you win the lucky draw, you can earn real money.

9. Cash, Inc. Fame and Fortune Game

Rating: 4.6/5

Size: 80MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Type of game: spin and win

This app is also the Editors’ choice app. You can tell the legitimacy of this app by its ratings. This game is all about spinning and tapping.

You have to play the role of a businessperson. All you have to do is keep on tapping. This is how you will keep your business above the water.

The longer your business stays afloat, the more you can earn rewards for it.

If you are in for the tapping business, you can totally try this app.

10. Make Money- Free Cash Rewards 

Rating: 4.7/5

Size: 26MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Type of game: random games

Make Money- Free Cash Rewards is a reward app. Here, you earn money by playing games, trying new apps and spending time on them. A lot of these apps are online money earning games where you earn money by playing games online.

You can also complete various assigned tasks to earn credits. You can turn these credits into money via PayPal, a popular money transaction app.

You can also aggravate your earrings via the referral program. All you have to do is refer this app to your friends and relatives. You will earn some compensation.

It is a great way to turn your leisure time into productive time.

11. Lucky day

Rating: 4.0/5

Size: 56MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Type of game: casino

Lucky day is one of the best online cash winning games and a free app where you can play casino games and earn a handsome amount of money. The name justifies the app. You can also make any day your lucky day with this app.

Here, you make money by winning the lottery and scratch cards.

Participate in the lucky draw to try out your luck.

You can redeem your won cash via PayPal. Apart from cash, you can also win gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.

12. Moneytree

Rating: 4.1/5

Size: 45MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Type of game: logic game

In the Moneytree app, you have to play the game by cultivating your money tree. You have to look after the tree and nurture it.

You can hire workers to look after your tree and take care of it too. To keep your tree afloat, you can also buy other things like fertilizers and tools.

Here, you can also buy a few things when you invest your money.

13. Real cash games

Rating: 3.8/5

Size: 7.2MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Type of game: a combination of different games

This app is one of the best paytm cash earning games that contains more than a thousand games. Here, you have a variety (to be honest, a lot of variety). Well, you can enjoy a lot and earn money by playing games.

You can also win surprising gifts and cash out via Paytm. Moreover, it is less than 10MB, so it will not occupy much storage.

You don’t need to invest your money here, instead, you can use the cash you have won in this app to buy tickets. These tickets can further helo you to win exciting things like mobile phones.

14. Solitaire -make free money and play the card game

Rating: 4.1/5

Size: 114MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Type of game: card game

Raise hands if you have played Solitaire on your phone or computer. It is so addictive, right? Well, what if you earn some money by playing solitaire? Guess what? You can!

This app is also one of the best online cash winning games which will help you win some real cash. All you need to have is the basic knowledge of the 52 cards and you are good to go!

If you haven’t tried the solitaire game yet, you can start with this app.


With all these legit games, now you know how to make money. This is literally the best thing for those who love to earn money by playing games and those who don’t. Who doesn’t want to get entertainment as well as money?

However, please notice that some of the games above are based on chance. You have to be careful with such games as they rely on probability.

You have to pay a fee before playing these games, and when you lose, you lose the money too. Therefore, be cautious with gambling and casino games. Other than that, you can make good use of most of the apps.

Remember, your most valuable asset is your time. Most people waste it on useless stuff. Don’t be like them. If you are investing your time in something, make sure it gets you some money.

Play these games in the comfort of your home and make money in your leisure time.

How to Earn Bitcoins: 11 BEST Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online

Bitcoin is one of the most searched things on Google at present. Now the first question that pops in your mind is- What is bitcoin? On 31st October 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym for an...

Bitcoin is one of the most searched things on Google at present. Now the first question that pops in your mind is- What is bitcoin?

On 31st October 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym for an individual or a group of people) first coined this term. They defined bitcoin as, “A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.”

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has no physical form and operates purely on the internet. There are about 5000 different cryptocurrencies in the market. At present, one bitcoin equals $10,700.40. this article will teach you how to earn bitcoins.

In plain English, bitcoin is nothing but a digital currency that doesn’t have a bank. People can transfer bitcoin anywhere on the internet (even to unknown people).

Bitcoin transactions don’t involve any government’s authority. All bitcoin transactions taking place on the internet are registered in Blockchain. Unlike banks, you can look at all bitcoin transactions on the internet (although the identity of a person remains hidden).

In this article, we will analyze bitcoin, its advantages over paper money, and the legit ways of earning bitcoin.

History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is certainly the first cryptocurrency. After it was introduced, many other cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the market. As of now, cryptocurrency is a common term that refers to all digital and decentralized currencies available in the market. 

In January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto released the source code so that people all over the world can commence mining and trading bitcoin. 

Difference between fiat money and bitcoin

Bitcoin and fiat money are different in several ways. Let’s look at some of the major differences.

  1. Fiat money (or the government-approved money) is centralized. It means that the government of a country controls the money. On the other hand, bitcoin is decentralized. It means no government has authority over it. 
  2. Fiat money is not limited to a number. It means a government can print more money. This leads to inflation (goods and services become expensive and the value of that currency decreases). Bitcoin, on the other hand, is limited in number. There is 21 million bitcoin, out of which only 2.8 million are available for mining. This increases bitcoin value as time passes.
  3. Fiat money transactions are not for public display. Banks store transactions in their protected computers. This opacity leads to corruption.

When it comes to bitcoin, the transactions are transparent and the information is stored in specific computers called nodes. Different nodes connect together and share information. The role of a node is to share information, follow certain rules, and save a copy of all the transactions that take place on the internet. 

Advantages of bitcoin over fiat money

Bitcoin has numerous advantages over paper money. Bitcoin solves one of the most common problems with paper money, that is, it solves the double-spending problem. It refers to a flaw in digital currency in which the same token can be used twice.

This creates inflation. With bitcoin, it doesn’t happen. 

Bitcoin has a single ledger known as Blockchain. Here you can see the transactions, make a wallet, and gather a deeper insight into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is universal, it holds the same value across countries.

The transaction process of bitcoin is easier than fiat money.

It has far lower transaction fees than fiat money. Bank gateways charge extra money for doing the same.

In bitcoin transactions, users don’t need to share their identity or private information.

11 ways on ‘How to earn Bitcoins?’

Now that you know roughly what bitcoin is, you might want to know how to earn some bitcoin on your own. There are legit ways through which you can earn bitcoins. Some of them are profitable, some of them are safe. Always keep in mind that where there is a high profit, it involves moderate to high risk. 

Without taking much time, let’s dive into the list and analyze them on profit, efforts, and risk.

1. Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining used to be a relatively easier process when it wasn’t popular. After bitcoin got popular and became a household name, everyone wanted to have some bitcoins. Nowadays, mining bitcoins is a big deal. It requires expensive computers that can solve complex mathematical problems.

It is a matter of luck and expertise. Some people even hire cloud miners to help them earn bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining is highly profitable, but it also requires high efforts. Bitcoin mining is expensive too and involves higher risk. 

The chances of you getting bitcoins via bitcoin mining are one per 16 trillion.

The job of a bitcoin miner is to solve complex problems and make new bitcoin. The mathematical problems are for making the payment secure and trustworthy. 

To know more about bitcoin mining, read this scholarly paper.

To save yourself some time, read this article on bitcoin mining.

2. Become a Bitcoin Affiliate

You must have heard about affiliate marketing. It is one of the easiest ways to make money online. When it comes to bitcoin, affiliate marketing is effective too. The aim is to generate leads. 

You can sign up for bitcoin affiliate websites and they will pay you compensation in bitcoin.

Signing up for an affiliate program is easy. Visit bitcoin affiliate websites and sign-up for the affiliate program. You will receive a unique link(for a product or service) that you have to share. Every time someone uses your unique link to make a transaction, you will get some percent (say, 10%) of compensation back.

Some popular bitcoin affiliate websites are-

Coinbase– at Coinbase, you will get 50% compensation for the first three months.

Ledger– at Ledger, you will get 10% of the compensation. 

Trezor– at Trezor, you will get 12- 15 percent of each sale.

Coinnama– at Coinnama, you can get 15 percent of each sale.

It is one of the easiest ways to earn bitcoin. You can promote these websites on your blog or social media platform.

Bitcoin affiliate marketing requires high efforts, and the risk involved is very low. Once successful, you can earn a high profit via this method.

3. Crypto blogging

If you like to gain knowledge on various cryptocurrencies, and you like to spread your knowledge, then crypto blogging is something you should try. There are thousands of blogs that post daily on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Ripple.

It is very popular as more people want to know and invest in bitcoins. Crypto blogging can also help you make some extra money by affiliate marketing. 

What are you waiting for? Combine your technical and creative skills and start a blog on cryptocurrency.

Some of the most popular crypto blogging websites are-

Check out these blogs to find out how you can create your crypto blog. 

Pro tip- with a crypto blog, you can make decent money with ads and affiliate marketing.

4. Signature campaign

All around the world, millions of people avidly discuss bitcoin on forums like Bitcointalk

On Bitcointalk, you can run a signature campaign and earn sustainable money. You can consistently post on the forum and gain a good following. 

By doing so, your posts can earn sponsored signatures. The sponsors will pay every time you upload your content. 

With a signature campaign, you can make good money according to your membership.

Running a signature campaign is less risky and requires medium effort. The only that matters is your consistency and participation. 

You can earn decent fractions of bitcoin with this method. 

5. Trading bitcoin

Bitcoin trading is a riskier task but it does give you better returns. Trading means buying something (here, bitcoin), and then selling it at a higher price. 

It requires deep knowledge of cryptocurrency. And enough experience. It was most profitable for those who bought bitcoin at a cheaper price years ago. After the bitcoin got expensive, these traders made a huge profit. Some of the bitcoin trading websites are mentioned below-

6. Micro-earnings via bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin faucets are websites that pay you for clicking ads. These websites make you click and return you in the form of fractions of bitcoin. 

If you are ready to spend some time clicking ads, then you should try it.

Please keep in mind that this way of earning bitcoin is quite slow. To make decent money, you have to try hard and have enough patience.

Most websites pay around 25-100 satoshis per click. 100 million satoshis make one bitcoin.

It involves less risk but you have to put in high efforts even for a marginal profit.

7. Create a new faucet

If you aren’t interested in wasting hundreds of hours clicking ads and making just a fraction of bitcoin, then you should consider making a bitcoin faucet.

A bitcoin faucet is a website that pays people for watching and clicking ads. 

But for that, you have to invest time and money. To gain trust, you have to prevent fraud websites.

It requires high efforts and you get medium profit. The risk involved in this method is also medium.

To know more about how to create a bitcoin faucet, find it here.

8. Gambling bitcoin

Gambling is always a risky business, but those who want to earn bitcoin try gambling too.

Gambling is purely a matter of luck, therefore, you have to leave everything on your luck.

It is a lesser-known term. There are a lot of gambling sites that give you bitcoin if you win. Most of them aren’t legitimate. Some of the legitimate websites are-

We don’t encourage you to gamble your money. It is just one of the ways you can earn money

9. Bitcoin lending

The best thing about bitcoin is that it requires no third party. If you have some bitcoin to spare, you can lend them to those in need. For this, you can decide your interest rate and make money from it. You can use this money to earn more bitcoin. 

Some of the popular bitcoin lending websites are-

10. Accept bitcoin as a tip

Yes, you heard it right, you can accept bitcoin as a tip. You can offer services to your client. Can pay you bitcoin.

There are platforms where people can tip for helping them. Isn’t it great?

If you are ready to help people, you can try this platform.

One such website is Here, people can tip you for your services in the form of bitcoin.

11. Read books and make bitcoin

Wouldn’t it be nice if you got paid to read books? It is the best thing for a book geek. There is a website called paid books that pays you when you read a classic book like The Ivory Trail, Pride, and Prejudice, etc.

You can try it if you can read books online in no time.

Also read- 21 Best and Free Online English Courses

How to avoid risk while looking for bitcoin

Millions of people dream of earning bitcoin without spending their money using unethical ways. Some of them befool other people and try to rob their bitcoin. You can avoid this trap if you take the following precautions.

1. Avoid cybertheft: Cybertheft happens when someone tries to hack your wallet. It happens mostly during mining. Also, secure your wallet’s key at any cost. Once you forget it, it’s almost impossible to retrieve it.

2. Avoid bitcoin fraud: If you don’t own any bitcoin yet, you have to be careful before looking for it. Rule out all those offers/ads that sound too good to be true(they are mostly frauds). Everyone wants to earn bitcoin these days, and, chances are that frauds will approach you faster than genuine ones.

3. Watch out bitcoin withholding: People make bitcoin by solving complicated mathematical problems. Sometimes the honest miners can’t configure a problem because the mining pool hides it with the help of computational power. 

In this way, some people get nothing despite working hard.

4. Think before diving into the bitcoin world: Bitcoin is indeed interesting, but it came into existence only 12 years ago. The future of bitcoin isn’t predictable yet. Before buying bitcoin, it will be best if you have an in-depth knowledge of it.

The future of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have changed the world in many ways. They will continue to transform the future. Every second, hundreds of people purchase bitcoin, and this will continue in the future. After the bitcoin, several other cryptocurrencies were launched. 

People are showing more interest in bitcoin as it protects their privacy. However, the system needs a lot of improvements. In the future, unexpected changes will take place. Some people even predict that cryptocurrency has the potential to replace fiat money.

Bitcoin revolutionized the crypto world. After bitcoin, several other cryptocurrencies came into existence.

According to Investopedia, there are 5000 cryptocurrencies present in the market. Some of the popular names in the crypto world are- Ethereum(ETH), Chainlink(LINK), Basic Attention Token(BAT), etc.

Disadvantages of using bitcoin

You should always look at the positive aspects of something. But you shouldn’t ignore the disadvantages. You are well aware of the advantages of bitcoin over fiat money. Now, it’s time to throw light on some disadvantages of bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin is prone to fluctuations: In March 2010, bitcoin’s value was $.003, today it has skyrocketed to $10,684.50. There’s no certainty in its value and it can deteriorate and increase anytime in the future.

2. Not everyone accepts bitcoin: Only a handful of people accept bitcoin as a currency. The interest of people in bitcoin has certainly increased, but it will take some more time to become widely acceptable like fiat money.

3. It has no physical form: Bitcoin has no physical form, therefore, in case someone wants to make a physical transaction, they have to convert it to fiat money.

4. Absence of buyer protection: When someone pays via Bitcoin, they can’t reverse the transaction. Sometimes, the sellers don’t give the promised products but the transaction takes place. In this situation, the buyer can experience loss.


In this article, you read about how to earn bitcoins. Bitcoin has a huge potential and, every second, many people buy bitcoin on the internet. It solves many problems that fiat money couldn’t solve.

With every passing day, cryptocurrency is becoming popular among people around the world. In the future,  there will be many more cryptocurrencies and more people will invest in them. This is why it is important to get first-hand knowledge of what they are, especially the first cryptocurrency ever- Bitcoin.

To know more about how bitcoin started and how it works, you should read the original paper published by Satoshi Nakamoto.

20 Websites You Can’t Miss If You Want To Make Money As A Freelancer

Where does it come from? Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years...

Where does it come from?

Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, looked up one of the more obscure Latin words, consectetur, from a Lorem Ipsum passage, and going through the cites of the word in classical literature, discovered the undoubtable source. Lorem Ipsum comes from sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 of “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC. This book is a treatise on the theory of ethics, very popular during the Renaissance. The first line of Lorem Ipsum, “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..”, comes from a line in section 1.10.32.

The standard chunk of Lorem Ipsum used since the 1500s is reproduced below for those interested. Sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 from “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” by Cicero are also reproduced in their exact original form, accompanied by English versions from the 1914 translation by H. Rackham.

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters, as opposed to using ‘Content here, content here’, making it look like readable English. Many desktop publishing packages and web page editors now use Lorem Ipsum as their default model text, and a search for ‘lorem ipsum’ will uncover many web sites still in their infancy. Various versions have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose (injected humour and the like).

Surveys for Money: Here’s What We Earned

We spent more than 50 total hours taking surveys for money. Here’s the lowdown on the 12 sites we tried. Perhaps you’re thinking of taking online surveys for money as you’re stuck at home....

We spent more than 50 total hours taking surveys for money. Here’s the lowdown on the 12 sites we tried.

Perhaps you’re thinking of taking online surveys for money as you’re stuck at home. If so, consider our experience in 2017: Three of us spent more than 50 total hours answering questions on these sites, and our combined earnings didn’t break $90.

So, no, online surveys weren’t an efficient way for us to make money.

The lowdown on paid online surveys

To be fair, taking surveys was easy and could certainly be done at home, if you have an internet connection. The 12 sites we tested were free and required no education or skill. Depending on the website, surveys could be a simple — albeit dull — way to earn a few bucks or a frustrating chore that pays next to nothing.

Some sites paid more than others. We appreciated sites that disclosed the cash value for each survey and matched us with relevant ones. We dreaded sites that compensated us through a confusing points system and sent us surveys we rarely qualified for.

Note that your demographics and other characteristics largely determine whether or not you qualify for a survey. All three of us who took surveys in 2017 were single women in our 20s who live in urban areas. Depending on the survey, we may or may not have been the ideal participants. Your profile may lead to results that are different from ours. Back to top

Our review of 12 paid survey sites

Below are our findings from attempting to spend an hour a day for five days on each site. On some days for several sites, there weren’t enough surveys to fill up the hour. (We didn’t count that time toward our total review hours.) We’ve listed the sites in order of the most popular based on Google searches.

Swagbucks. This site offers a lot of opportunities for surveys, but disqualifications are frequent. Sometimes we got disqualified just from clicking on a link to a survey. Swagbucks aggregates third-party surveys, so some sites it sends you to are better than others. It takes a long time to earn points, but the site’s expansive rewards marketplace has hundreds of options to choose from, including gift cards, sweepstakes and PayPal payments. Check out our full Swagbucks review.

Survey Junkie. This site is a smaller survey aggregator, but it stands out. The site has a clean, easy-to-use dashboard and offers a high point value for each survey you complete. The point system is direct and shows you how much your points are worth in dollars right on the dashboard. But you have to get to 1,000 points, equal to $10, before you can cash out. Check out our Survey Junkie review for more information.

InboxDollars. New users get a $5 bonus after confirming their email address with InboxDollars. But that didn’t make up for how little we earned per hour while taking surveys — 41 cents, the lowest rate among the 12 sites we tested. On occasion, instead of sending us surveys, the site directed us to promotions that required our address, phone number and birthdate. Read our InboxDollars review.

MyPoints. This site offered 75 survey opportunities, the most of any site we tested. But it also had the lowest success rate, 9.33%, and a low average hourly pay rate. Plus, the reasons for survey disqualifications often were unclear. On one occasion, we were disqualified after being asked to write the word “Purple.” (Yes, we spelled it correctly.) See our full MyPoints review.

How to Make Money on YouTube: 6 Effective Strategies

If you’re wondering how to make money on YouTube, look no further than these 6 strategies for monetizing your channel and your creative work. Okay, ad revenue is the most obvious way to make...

If you’re wondering how to make money on YouTube, look no further than these 6 strategies for monetizing your channel and your creative work.

Okay, ad revenue is the most obvious way to make money on YouTube. But it’s not the only way—or, to be honest, the best way.

(Spoiler: the best way to make money on YouTube is all the ways.)

YouTube is half the internet: that’s 1.9 billion users logging in every month. But at the same time, 500 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute.

So you already know this article is not going to be about how easy it is to buy a Swiss watch with the ad revenue from your YouTube views. (Though if you have millions of views, you could probably at least rent one. Wait, don’t.)

How to make money on YouTube

Become a YouTube Partner

The YouTube Partner Program is how regular YouTubers get access to special features on the platform.

You don’t need to be a partner to make money on YouTube (just setting up an AdSense account and getting views is enough to handle that), but being a Partner makes it a lot easier.

YouTube Partners have access to multiple income streams: not just ads, but YouTube Premium subscription fees, and features that tap your fans’ wallets directly like Super Chat, channel memberships and the merchandise shelf (more on these later.)

Step 1. Start a channel

Don’t worry, we have a handy guide for this. It’s called ‘How to create a YouTube channel.’

Step 2. Make your channel successful enough that it meets the YouTube Partner Program requirements

To join the program, you need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.

Here are some ideas for how to get more of those precious YouTube views.

Step 3. Set up an AdSense account

This is simple. Just follow YouTube’s official guide to AdSense accounts.

Step 4. Explore your new monetization features

Each monetization channel has different eligibility requirements. For instance:

  • Ad revenue: to earn ad revenue, you must be at least 18 years old, and you must create content that is advertiser-friendly. Basically, the less controversial your videos, the more YouTube advertisers will be comfortable running ads on them, and the more money you make.
  • YouTube Premium revenue: if a YouTube Premium member watches your video, you get a portion of their subscription fee. (This one is automatic, which is nice.)
  • Channel memberships: in order to sell channel memberships to your subscribers (i.e., your fans opt in to pay you an extra amount), you need to be at least 18 and have more than 30,000 subscribers.
  • Merchandise shelf: in order to sell merch from YouTube’s merchandise shelf, you must be at least 18 years old, and have at least 10,000 subscribers.
  • Super Chat payments: if you want your fans to have the ability to pay to have their messages highlighted in your live chats during your live streams, you must be at least 18 (and live in a country where the feature is offered).

Step 5. Submit to ongoing reviews

As a YouTube Partner, your channel will be held to a higher standard, according to YouTube. You have to follow not just the YouTube Partner Program policies, but the Community Guidelines. Not to mention staying on the right side of copyright law.

Sell your own merchandise

Maybe you identify as a content creator first, and entrepreneur second. (Just remember that even Drake sells t-shirts.)

Alternately, you’re an entrepreneur first and video creator second, which means you probably already have a product, and you’re designing your YouTube marketing strategy to sell it.

Either way, merchandise is a viable way to earn money from YouTube.

Step 1. Imagine and design your product

Merchandise for your channel is meant to both represent and feed your audience’s connection with you. That means your merch should be unique.

Hawaiian YouTube star Ryan Higa launched his milk-based energy drink Ninja Melk to leverage the popularity of his viral comedy, Ninja Melk. While he also sells t-shirts and other merch from his online shop, Ninja Melk’s appeal is broad enough it has its own website.

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