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If you are looking for something related to technology, games, inspirational stories or any mind boggling stuff, then you might have landed at the right place

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Linkin Park And Me. Goodbye Chester Bennington!

It's so hard to say goodbye to the man who gave you so much, whose work inspired you and whose voice pulled you out of tough times. I guess this is the definition of true art. Here's my final message to Chester!

More than a week has passed since Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park hung himself. While the world is almost done mourning, I am still wondering what has happened to me this past week since I heard the tragic news. That morning, I came back from jogging and opened Facebook to realize that what I heard from a friend wasn’t just another Rowan Atkinson or Jaden Smith hoax. There are certain things that happen to you during your lifetime which just causes a sudden sensation in your heart, you find it hard to speak or do anything, you go into a mode in which you’re just thinking that a moment ago everything was fine and how did you not see this coming. All this while the people around you are moving around in familiar movements doing their daily chores, one of them probably noticing the pale glimmer that has eclipsed your face. The news of Chester’s suicide struck to me the same way while my family kept saying, “It’s okay, he was just a singer.” No he wasn’t just a singer.


I remember 2007 when I was 12, a music channel which was playing the famous song-track of Linkin Park, “Numb” and “In the End”. That was probably the first time I heard distortion and those raw guitar voices floating beneath the smooth voice of this blonde singer. That was my entry into the ‘real’ music. That was my realization that music isn’t just for background scoring, dancing to in parties, passing away time while it plays on the radio or for main actor and actress to dance to in typical Bollywood films. That was my exposure to the world of music listening to rap, hip-hop, metal, alternate rock, punk rock, blues, pop and what not. That was the first time I found myself hooked to simple 4 min audio files. What followed was the sharing with friends everywhere.

The best thing about music is that like happiness, sharing it with friends increases it manifolds. While I recommended a song to someone, they recommended me two. Soon enough, I was part of this cool group that listened to just English songs, sometimes drawing flak from others for being too insensitive to native songs. But as it happened, soon enough they were listening to linkin park and other bands too. The world was never the same again for me, from lateral choices to the view of life, to past-time activities and even the presents on birthday, everything was changed. Exchanging over a thousand songs over Bluetooth that would take hours on the devices which could barely manage that much burden. It was astonishing to see how in the beginning when we didn’t get the lyrics, yet those songs were so close to us. The day lyrics started making sense to us, these songs became a part of our very souls and mind.


It was such a strong bond that these simple audios were making that soon enough we found ourselves writing our very own lyrics and joining the orchestra group of our school. We planned starting our own band, visualizing our faces in the music videos of our favorite bands, touring the world and inspiring lives like Linkin Park and other bands were doing. It became a part of our identity and whenever something touches you that deep, you find no hard to connect to people touched by the same beautiful virus. Credits to Facebook and other social media, one could find tons and tons of people around the world having this lovely addiction. The artists and bands are Gods for people like this, and listening to their creations is a part of the day that helps them breathe better, feel better. For the abused, the bullied, the lonely ones – the artists are the role models and their songs are the friends who understands them, its the thing that helps them go to sleep at night peacefully. For the ones struggling with life, this is the inspiration and hope that keeps them alive. It’s almost impossible to depict this in words, but these beautiful songs are their medication to depression, anxiety and mental unrest.


To see Chester go away, was very similar to watching the light go out which brought people this closer to themselves. It was realizing that a part of that fairy childhood is gone and there won’t be any more supply of things and memories of a lifetime. While the world would move on, the best thing about music is that even decades later, someone would still feel a shoulder to rest their head on and thank the man in the grave for all he gave to the world and for all the lives he saved through music. Listening to these amazing songs that Chester sang would change, but the way they crave a path to the heart won’t ever. Music would still bring people together.


Higher notes, riffs or solos on guitar that squeaks melodiously, supreme composition, pleasing screams, bass boost, soulful lyrics, crisp raps and those music videos which brought tears, all would change with Chester gone because Linkin Park would never be the same again. Moreover, there can never be another band like Linkin Park. I wished to quote some famous lyrics of their songs but all of them are so fine that quoting one would be unfair to the others.

I wish all the strength to Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson and Dave Farrell. You guys are as vital to Linkin Park as Chester was. You guys are irreplaceable.

Goodbye Chester! I wish I could mean to someone, what you mean to me. There’ll be no one like you and I hope you can see how many lives you have saved and inspired. I had you with me all the time despite of you being a world away and your songs kept reminding me that someone do understand. I hope the demons that took you away are confronted and you are at peace. I’ll surely see you on the other side. Thank you for everything!



Here, Hold My Imagination

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary How wonderful it would have been if we could say these words. But we can’t, because imagination, like our pint of beer, isn’t shareable. We hold a world in our imagination, where we are the kings …

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

How wonderful it would have been if we could say these words. But we can’t, because imagination, like our pint of beer, isn’t shareable. We hold a world in our imagination, where we are the kings and queens, the throne is made of chocolate and the scepter has a ice-cream on top. But as much as we would love to show this to everyone else, we wouldn’t want to share this because a king of chocolates wouldn’t want to fight the king of vanilla. What I meant is that the imagination consists of beliefs and the things that we want to come true.


Start in the morning and you’re already imagining what would make an ideal day for you. Close your eyes, begin to pray and you’re already thinking of almighty imagined and created by somebody else. Go to office, start on a project and you have in mind what should feel like, look like, work like or move like. Even when you’re sleeping, you imagine and dream, however, unconsciously. I ask you to imagine something soothing and you think about beach, breeze or maybe mountains or the embrace of your lover. And I tell you to imagine something bad, you think about all the things you’re scared of, the fear of losing someone, being alone and stuff like that.

Still reading and you’re wondering, OK so what? I do not believe in famous law of attraction when I say the next thing – ‘Your thoughts have energy’. Now this surely doesn’t mean that you can move a goddamn car by staring at it for 5 mins. These thoughts are limited to you and they only affect the domain of your body and its limits and definitely others if you’re venting out your frustration on them. Alright try this, smile for no reason, you won’t look foolish to anybody near you and just pretend that you’ve just read a good joke. Do it, and moments later I bet you’re feeling better.


We usually remain sad because we have nothing to be happy about. Why can’t we try this in reverse, why don’t we get happy when we have nothing to be sad about. Things begin in your brain and are persevered by our thoughts, but that’s not the main thing. A teddy given life by your thoughts could mean the world to you, a million dollar bank balance may make no sense to you and thousands of people screaming your name might be a noise to you. All down to your thoughts and imagination. You may see a ghost in the light and gold in the sand if you want, because that’s how your own very brain fools you.


What’s our duty? Ask your thoughts because if seen clearly, they are the best reflection of your instincts. Imagine as much as you can, to do something, to change something because after all, we all might be a character of somebody’s imagination only.

When Pillars Of Life Made No Sense!!

Similar to these, there stand many monuments and historical sites on Earth. It had been years since I visited these caves. I was told by fellow tourists that these caves are carved out of the hard work of 3-4 generations. …

Similar to these, there stand many monuments and historical sites on Earth. It had been years since I visited these caves. I was told by fellow tourists that these caves are carved out of the hard work of 3-4 generations. 400 years of creation and no count of how many minds/souls sacrificed. (Minds… Souls… sacrificed?? Looks like your brain received a blur sort of signal).

So, there can be many assumptions why in first place they started with the idea. First, some ruler had an idea to create a mark of their civilization for ages and therefore, dispatched some families to craft the mountains. Secondly, some families ran out of terror or war in their kingdom and found the region to be perfect for a new life. Meanwhile, they started this craving just to pass their day or for some ‘x’ reason.


I am not interested in what happened or how. What I felt is that 3-4 generations worked at a single place. 100 years of life… Every year… Every month… Every day … Every hour… Every minute… Every second. We open our mouth wide whenever something of this excellence comes in contact with our mind’s sense. For a moment, consider this analogous to current time- 9-5 jobs of the working class. And I know many who are bored of it like hell, just because of the routine that doesn’t change for months. Same goes for those cave craftsmen.


Imagine the states of numerous souls who went on to create such great monuments of this world. May be they were promised to be aided with basic amenities for their life, so they went easy on it and took this offer. But, the following generations.. It’s not at all necessary that they had equal levels of passion as their parents to work for a hundred years within those rocky boundations. And imagine how did the intermediate generations manage to motivate themselves for they may not live long enough to embrace the final art.

The words like passion, purpose of life, motivation meant nothing to them. And yet they created something of this greatness. Seven Wonders of the World definitely holds seven million of untold stories like this. Stories of adults like us ; kids like us. This is what I meant with minds’ and souls’ sacrificed.


The word SACRIFICE can never have a one or two line definition. It is an endless manuscript. There is a whole dream or a life attached. And whenever I go deep, it goes all blur in the mind’s screen. Like what for? Why? Who decides? Are we just intermediate generations who will not live long enough to see the ultimate art? And then what is this ultimate art? Who wants to create it? Why? Just for fun … And like always I tap on my head and sleep… May be that’s all I can do…

Be Selfish And Change The World

An international flight takes off on a random day. 8 hours pass by and an immediate instruction is provided for passengers to wear oxygen masks. It is always announced with a soundless disclosure to put on yours first and then …

An international flight takes off on a random day. 8 hours pass by and an immediate instruction is provided for passengers to wear oxygen masks. It is always announced with a soundless disclosure to put on yours first and then help others put theirs.


Imagine a selfless person in the flight. He doesn’t put his own mask and roams around to help everyone. (I know that’s hypothetical.. But Just let it flow inside you). Now, what if there are a bunch of similar passengers on the flight. Seems a little bit awkward, but that’s what many of us have become – A Social corpse.

We are experts in presenting ourselves to different kinds of people and virtual worlds, aren’t we? Whenever we lack contentment in our efforts, we mutate to this corpse mode. Till when? Do it for years and you will realise that your life is never so much happening. You would have missed some great moments behind those digital pictures.


Apply same mutation to the people who are always ready to debate on politics. Same social corpses who want attention at any cost. A statement is released and a hyperactive university sets his ass on fire. Talk to any of them and what all they have in mind is to create a change in the nation. Really? Will it change this way? Have asked the same question a year back — It would have been a YES. Ask me now — It’s a big NO.

We only care to be socially aware but never ever work to be personally aware. Frankly, how much time do we devote for our personal growth. It ought to be on top priority but mostly weighs down to bottom of the list. And here the world of fakeness begins.


By the way, this is some another day’s topic. What I want to say, is to be personally aware first. BE SELFISH. There is nothing wrong to give priority to the most beautiful human being. I was once told by my teacher to do for others only if I had something on my own. It makes perfect sense now. I can’t be socially aware or wise until I have personal wisdom. I don’t want to look at others for my own satisfaction.


The world teaches to look for true happiness. And that, It will only come by making others happy. Been there, done that. But, I can’t hold it anymore. Selflessness doesn’t make sense now. How will I understand the world if I won’t understand myself? Think of making yourself better. That’s it. I won’t turn out to be a selfless saint without experiencing this selfish side.


Honestly, try it. Give yourself the highest priority in your thoughts. Think about yourself. Understand your molecules. And you will realise how the world makes sense, the truth behind people’s words and many more revelations. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Do share your thoughts in the comments section. We would love to know your perspective.

The Cycle Inescapable : Being Struck in Life 

The story of most of the people struck in their life these days, how they got there and the cycle that we are trapped in.

You go home after a tiring day at work. Your body is fine, in fact you can still run a couple of miles but your mental health don’t seem right. The job at first seemed promising, it gives you just enough money to comfortably live another day, month or year but now that comfort itches you. You thought you’d be fine and you thought you’ll be climbing up positions faster but now you’re stuck. During the time that the office printer is printing your weekly report, you take a quick look at the past and ask where it all went wrong. Deep inside you know, it wasn’t one moment but a dark array of things that didn’t fall the way you wanted them to be. Some decisions, some circumstances, some people or some things that wanted you to be on this cross-way, blindfolded hearing the horn of the upcoming train grow louder. You can’t move, your legs aren’t tied but they are numb.


Your footsteps and the sound of jangling keys inform your family that you’re here. Your partner welcomes you in wide arms, kids running towards you, sticking to you like a glue while your parents looks from distance in pleasure. You always wanted this for them, to be laughing and seeing them happy. You don’t let the whisper of storm inside you reach them, you act all this time to be equally happy and content and while you had a tough time last night going to sleep, you wake up for another day at work. You want to run away, you want to live a life of your choice, all these securities that the world runs after doesn’t attract you but you won’t take a step because you can’t. Because you’re a good guy. You’ve learned not to hurt anybody especially your family. You know how a simple decision of your life can affect so many lives in your family. You are the pillar that’s holding all together and you just cannot go or change things. So you decide to subdue everything and leave it all or rather blame it all on the fate.


Let’s roll back the years and see where you were when you went for this life. At the time of job, you thought that the weekends and some time on the weekdays would be enough to pursue what you always wanted to do. And that seemed a valid option because the financial state of your family wasn’t very pleasing. Then your parents wanted a partner for you. You don’t want it as you’re aware of the thousand responsibilities that come with it. They are adamant, they are worried about what the society is thinking and their years of bubble reputation getting harmed. After a lot of drama you decide to finally bow down, your smile is really big in your wedding photographs and the bride/groom selected by your parents and approved by you seems to be a great person at heart and what’s more, your choices and interests are same as well.


Couple of years down the line, fighting over small issues is okay when the real shitty problem finds your way – your partner wants a baby and you don’t. Your parents indirectly made their desire for a grandchild, for God knows what reason. There’s drama in your home and after an year you welcome your first child. You love him/her with all your heart but realize how far you’ve come and how your domino life keeps falling. The spare time that you used to have for yourself, for your old friends, for your gym isn’t with you anymore because now you have a life to nurture and it isn’t yours. You wish the best for your child, you want him/her to achieve great success in life and whenever you feel like they are losing their way, you go to them and tell them they are doing wrong. You stand by them all the time, you love them and you’ve done pretty good parenting as well. Even if they get adamant about something that they want to do and you know it’s wrong for them, you stop them and you are ready to accept the bad light for the good future of your child.


Despite of all these, you give your child a shot at the thing he/she want to do. He’s got one chance to prove himself and he must not fail. Yep, he must do something grand to convince you in the very first attempt. And then he fails, with you having the ‘told ya..’ face for him. The child has finally given up to you, he has good values and realizes to follow what your elders are saying because they want only good for you. Now your child is doing what you want him to do. He is happy, you are happy and this vicious cycle that you both are trapped in is also happy.


The above story sums up the life of most of the people around the world, especially in the country called India. I call this trap, the beautiful dead trap. No matter the amount of motivation, inspiration or dedication you have, there’s just no scope for some people to come out of it and over the time just accept their fate. Not blaming parents for this, they are the most wonderful thing, but this culture of forcing things according to self set paradigms. Although it might take generations, but this gotta change.

‘Faith’ – A Power and An Anomaly

How faith can be your life force and how it's decline can be the reason of your fall. Read on to know more.

When I turned 18, I gave up on God. Suddenly Krishna, Jesus, Allah and all the others started making no sense to me at all. Everything starting from a holy figure to an angry devil that God was all about just seemed bullshit to me. Every fear, every belief and every other thing that God was to me shattered like a lego house. As you may ask, Why? Betrayal dude, betrayal. I was made to believe that ask from GOD, work hard for it and give your everything to it is what was required for your dreams to become reality. The people who taught me this were wrong. Then I was introduced to the notorious Law of Attraction and so-called ‘The secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. It became my new God and I gave myself away to it, completely. Once again I was betrayed. That law has worked for some people and not for others. What kind of law is a ‘law’ that requires specific people or conditions to be applied to. And I ain’t talking about a single instance. Millions of people were left stranded in the middle of nowhere while that law promised to take them places.


After these two turbulent storms, a great personality and a guy who gave motivational and self-helping seminars came into my life. I followed that good man like a mad-fan and honestly, he has had a great impact on my mind, on my personality and the way I am right now , none of which I regret. But sometime later, this river dried up as well for me. The guy remained amazing but I reached a state where I could figure out what he will be saying or explaining. The maze that I was stuck in and the kind of freaky mind that I was dealing with had the tendency to sublimate every substantial thing that I hold onto. I tried finding something that applies everywhere, every time and could take me anywhere. There wasn’t a lack of knowledge or wisdom, but clearly of something else.


And over another heated conversation about life and stuff between three freaks, I realized what had happened. I figured out what had handicapped me to such an extent that now the norm of new foundation gave me goosebumps. Betrayal. People get robbed of their precious stuff, money, loved ones… and stuff like this. But I was robbed of myself, not one or two but freaking three times. The whole foundation of faith on which I based my life ‘three times’ gave up on me and went down in dirt. Motivation and inspiration don’t work now because it’s like you’re cheered to run but you don’t have legs.

Then I felt what I feels like to kill somebody without even touching him. I knew what it feels like to live with three dinosaur-sized holes in you. Honestly, I have been to be one of the most hard-core man when it comes to life values. But the values that I once fought for left me right in the middle of that war. Who do I have to blame? Obviously me. Because I had stopped believing in conventional God whom you can blame for your failures. Nothing remains true forever because nothing is forever. Not me, neither my values.


That was when it dawned on me how a fall of one’s faith can be destructive. The person is robbed of everything he has ever believed in and it becomes hard for him to believe in anything else ever again. It’s like his life force sucked out of all at once. In my case, over all the odds or evens I once again retired to that dark corner, now a familiar place for me, to introspect once again where did I go wrong. And the answer is everything in between nowhere and everywhere. Once again, being forced to accept limitations of me and my mind and maybe… maybe finally bowing my head down after three hard blows.

Do let us know what you think about it. Like, share, comment and subscribe if you liked what you read. Cheers!

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